Scaling User Acquisition &
Growth for Startups

Scaling a startup is hard. No static growth framework will be the right one for you. With the ease of launching a startup giving more entrepreneurs leverage, competition is more than fierce. And the economy is like walking on thin ice, especially if you’re a tech startup.

As a Growth Marketing Consultancy, we’ve been in the heat of the battle, from helping startups grow their user base and, more importantly, their profit model (to stay in business), all the way to increasing user retention and LTV.
To say we’ve seen it all is an understatement.

While scaling a startup can be high risk and requires extreme responsibility, our mental models and strategies are strong foundations to make it potentially possible. From cross-collaborating with different teams (to unify startup growth), to setting up the foundations of your marketing channels, and scaling growth channels with performance marketing, we’ve got you.

Our consulting service is the most practical and hyper-personalised way to grow your startup. In fact, we’re the very first subscription-based growth marketing consultancy solution, dedicated to startup environments.  

Growth Marketing Consulting

Hyper-personalised growth marketing strategies to unify growth across your startup and teams

Performance Marketing Services

Setting up, managing and scaling your growth efforts with Performance Marketing (paid advertising)

Team Workshops for Growth

Workshops to upskill, future-proof and unify the theme of growth within your startup

Ben Davidson

Ben Davidson

Head of Performance Marketing (Science in Sport)

Jonathan was a pleasure to work with, he truly understands performance marketing and as a result, was a highly valued member of my team. He has intricate knowledge of the Meta/Google platforms so I could rely on him as the expert to activate, optimise and then provide robust recommendations.

Our Full Stack Performance Marketing Services

Mobile App Advertising

Scale your App’s acquisition & promotional goals both on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

App Store Optimisation

Scale your App’s organic traffic, ranking, and click-to-install rate by targeting the right keywords within the Apple or Google App Store, including an ASO-optimised description.

Paid Search (PPC)

Capture intent-driven users on search engines and be at the top of their results page of both Google and Microsft (Bing).

Paid Social

Drive Brand Awareness, Engagement and Conversions to meet your business objetives using all the latest social media platforms.


Audio Advertising

Promote your business in a screen-free way, to targeted audiences listening to music, podcasts or digital radio.


Programmatic Display

Deploy display ads and target specific audiences with precision and scale through contextual and retargetting methods.


At Proverve, we understand that the fundamentals of a startup’s success is its ability to effectively scale user acquisition and growth (sustainably). Our hyper-personalised growth marketing strategies are crafted to align with startups, working in cross-collaboration with its founders and teams.

Whether your goal is to secure a successful Series-A funding, scale your user base, or create a significant impact in your industry, our solution is ready to integrate with your startup, focused on solving problems and finding growth opportunities.

We excel not only in spearheading growth initiatives but also in collaborating effectively with your entire startup team, enhancing your strengths, and bridging any gaps in growth marketing expertise. We find that a person unifying growth in a startup is usually the missing link, keeping it from evolving.

We recognise the myriad of challenges that come with navigating a startup’s journey, from attracting top talent to validating your business model. The apprehension of not securing additional funding or the risk of not achieving the desired business success can be daunting.

At Proverve, we position ourselves as more than consultants; we are your strategic growth allies, dedicated to transforming your startup into a recognised and challenger business.

Our approach transcends meeting immediate needs; it involves equipping you and your team with the necessary skills, knowledge, and confidence to thrive in the ever-evolving landscape of startup growth.

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