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Full Stack Growth Marketer

Marketing is rapidly evolving. The traditional forms of communicating with our ideal audiences are no longer as viable as they used to be, and we have to adapt. To say that the times are changing is an understatement.

As the ecosystem of digital marketing evolves, so should you.

The role of marketing in today’s world demands more than just creativity in how we portray our business and strategic ideas in execution. The elements of leadership, being a futurist (anticipating and looking forward to the future) and understanding technical tools and omnichannel concepts of marketing are becoming the norm.

You want to be a Full Stack Growth Marketer.

With my personal experience as a Full Stack Growth Marketing Consultant and gaining an array of knowledge from platforms like CXL, Growth Tribe and Reforge – I’ve been motivated to transfer (and re-formulate) some of its concepts to marketers, ones specifically looking to better adapt in tomorrow’s world.

I, too, was once in your position, trying to figure out how to better figure out the complexities of marketing and which career path or trajectory is the right one.

Hence building Proverve. An Ed Tech platform and Growth-minded community, where you as a marketer can grow and upskill with expert-led resources and the most up-to-date knowledge. Taught by qualified and real practitioners of marketing. Built by marketers, for marketers.

See you on the other side.

Jonathan Milanes  (Founder of Proverve)

Services for Marketers

1-1 Profesional Mentoring

Personalised guidance and career coaching from top marketing consultants

Proverve Academy

A futurist education platform and growth-minded community offering the most up-to-date and future-proof digital marketing courses. Built by marketers, for marketers

Marketing Resources

Free resources to upskill you as a marketer, including playbooks, webinars, newsletters, and YouTube videos

Ben Beard

Ben Beard

Founder at Blackfish Data | Paid Search Consultant at ClearScore

Jonathan is a strategic, well-organised, & highly efficient digital marketer. His ability to work independently & consistently meet deadlines made him a massive asset during his time working with Brainlabs.
Hope we cross paths again in the near future

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