Data Analysis (Web, App)

Analyse your website or app’s data to give you important insights about how users are interacting with it, and using those insights to better support external channels while educating the business on any improvements integral to growth.

Data analysis can be an overwhelming task (& strategy) – we’ve built a framework that can help us segment and gather valuable insights to improve the various elements of your startup with ease.

While we will have cohorts of priority in regard to the services we’ll deploy for you – all of these will fundamentally be backed by context i.e. data.

We will provide a visual dashboard via Google Looker Studio, providing all of our topline KPIs and metrics where relevant – at a channel, campaign and granular level (ads or keywords).

This dashboard won’t be glitz and glam in terms of visuals, it will be very fundamental and practical in the way we use: for optimising our paid channels, as well as our Front-end SEO, ASO and CRO efforts.

If you already have a data viz tool of your choice – were happy to plugin with that and make sure it is effective for us as an advertising agency. We’re also happy to plugin data streams from other channels, including your CRM, affiliates, internal data, offline data and more.

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