You Ask. We Answer.

We’ve created a comprehensive FAQ section for your all your needs (& doubts) below.

Is growth marketing necessary for my startup?

Absolutely. Just like a rocket ship (it uses the most fuel at lift-off), the beginning chapters of your startup (usually) require the most initial effort. This is the phase where you want to gather as many users, results and insights for your product/service. We’ll be a part of that evolution.

What is your onboarding process like?

Once you decide to work with us, we simply ask you to go through our onboarding form, then a discovery call (to see if we are the right solution for your business), and finally, set a growth strategy that is actioned within the instant that you subscribe to our service. No lags or delays, unless you do.

How long does it take for my startup to see results from digital growth marketing?

It depends on what you mean by results – assuming every campaign is set up correctly, including attribution tracking, we’d see results instantaneously (sometimes on the same day of launch).

How much does the service cost?

Prices can be found on our Service page.

What type of clients (or brands) have you worked with? Any proof?

We’ve worked with a variety of clients/agencies (as a white label service), including Audible, Meta Gaming, BMW, Bulldog, Circl, Science in Sport, Total Media, Brainlabs, Hogarth Worldwide, WeLocalize and more.

In terms of specific sectors: Automotive, SaaS, Clothing, Fintech, iGaming (mobile), Retail, Professional Services, Education and Media.

In terms proof, please click HERE for our testimonials. As you can imagine, we can’t provide specifics of our results for the clients we work with, for privacy and legal concerns – but we are happy to discuss them if needed during our discovery call.

Is growth marketing and digital marketing the same?

Yes and no. Both terms fall under the same category of Marketing. The main difference is more of a ‘perspective shift’, Digital Marketers tend to focus on Awareness (Top-of-funnel) activities/channels, while Growth Marketing focused on the full user journey (Awareness > Acquisition > Retention) and which channels can support this.

I’m considering using an agency like Proverve to scale my startup, is now the right time?

The simple answer would be yes (as the point of a business is fundamentally to grow). But the more complex answer is, it depends.

Are you ready to work with a growth team? Do you understand the basics of growth marketing? Do you have the resource and budget to deploy a cohort of activity for your business? Is the product or service to the point where it’s ready for mass usage or usage in general? These are aspects you’d want to have an answer for before deciding.

I’ve worked with agencies before and our partnership (& results) were not to my liking - what makes Proverve different?

Jonathan Milanes (Founder of Proverve): Proverve aims for greatness and we don’t position ourselves as any other agency. 

While we can mention this, our Brand DNA will show you and dictate how and why this is our mentality of approach.

As an entrepreneur myself, there’s nothing worse than a partner not quite pulling their weight or keeping to a certain standard. I created Proverve to solve this lack of quality within the growth marketing agency field – if we can’t provide the best service, why are we doing it?

Expect greatness from us, cause we’ll be expecting it from you.

I’d like to see proof of results from your past client work, may I?

Of course! While we can’t portray specific case studies publicly (at least not just yet) – we can discuss results for some of the past and current clients we work with, with as much transparency as we can provide.

What is the difference between growth marketing and performance marketing?

Great question.

Growth Marketing – a marketing strategy and discipline focused on a holistic and full-funnel (awareness > acquisition > retention) approach to growth.

Performance Marketing: a marketing strategy focused on paid media (advertising) tactics focused primarily on acquisition, but aspects of it can focus on awareness and retention strategies.

Want a more comprehensive answer? Read our Blog about the topoc HERE.

What services do you provide?

We provide the following services:

– Paid Media Advertising (Social, Search, Display and Audio Ads)
– Data/Product Analysis (Web + App)
– App Search Optimisation and Front-end SEO
– GTM Strategy and Brand Positioning
– Conversion Rate Optimisation (Web + App)
– Martech and Channel Integration

What services don’t you provide?

We DON’T provide the following services:

– Social Media Management
– Content Marketing
– Build Websites or Apps
– Email Marketing or CRM Automation
– Affiliate/Influencer Marketing
– Community Management
– Project Management
– Graphic, UX/UI or Video Design/Edits

Which channels will you be using to promote and scale my startup? Do I have a say in it?

Of course, you’ll have a say in the channels we’ll deploy growth campaigns for – it is very likely you know your audience more than we do. In any case, we’d likely start with primary channels such as:

– Google Ads
– Facebook Ads
– Twitter Ads
– Programmatic Display
– Apple Search Ads/Universal App Campaigns (if you’re an App-based startup)

We then evolve our strategy as we gather insights and hopefully positive results.

How much budget do I need to work with you, and what advertising budget will be feasible to start seeing results?

Our subscription service price can be seen HERE.

On all things advertising budget-wise, a good primer will be upwards of £7,500 for initial tests. 

Assuming you go with our standard monthly package – your ideal budget would be £17,500/pcm.

What are the do’s and don’ts of working with an agency like Proverve?

Luckily for you, we would have clarified all the dos and dont’s of our partnership during our onboarding form, discovery call and onboarding call.

But as basic rule:


– Trust our expertise and that we have your best intentions when growing your startup.

– Do communicate any business changes that are relevant to us (if relevant).

– The faster you are at responding/acting upon our recommendations, the faster we can provide you with positive results.

– Have clear expectations of what we can provide and a clear understanding of how we’ll achieve this.

-Respect our time as much as we’ll respect yours.



– Overcommunicate and micro-manage. The last thing we want is multiple emails, meetings and direct messages that don’t amount to anything. We will see this as a blocker. We will attest to our responsibilities.

– Make abrupt changes within the App or Website without letting us know.

– Be vague with your feedback or questions. The more clarity you have, the more clarity we can provide.

– See us as an external partner (or agency). We are a solution to your problem of growth (this is what you’re truly paying for).

Who works in Proverve and what accreditations do they have?

Jonathan Milanes (Founder of Proverve): As a startup, we are a very small team of 1 (for now).

You’ll be working with me directly.

My accreditations can be seen HERE.

But to name a few:

– Growth Marketing Minidegree (CXL)
– Digital Marketing Fundamentals (CIM)
– Digital Leadership (Growth Tribe)

What will be our form of communication throughout our partnership? And will we have any meetings?

We will have a maximum of 4 video meetings during our partnership in a one-month cohort:

1. Discovery (20 minutes)
2. Onboarding (20 minutes)
3. End-of-Month Report (30 minutes)
4. Offboarding (if you decide to stop working with us)

If you decide to carry on working with us beyond the first month, we’ll have a monthly EOM report call moving forward (no longer than 30 minutes). We are open to doing impromptu calls if the need arises.

Beyond that, our primary comms will be using Slack – we will add your POCs within our Slack channel and use that as a basis for quick bursts of comms.

We’ll also be using emails (expect email threads), especially in the early days when we have to set up various channels and tech stacks. We aim to keep this at a very minimum to respect your time.

Can you help us improve the product or service we sell?

Absolutely. An element of our service is to provide a strong GTM strategy and help you position your brand (product or service).

What you’ll find is that growth marketing can give you deeper insights into how to improve your business much more than a group of stakeholders will do – as you’ll be gaining actual data from these activations, from actual users.

I have a very specific question that isn’t listed here. Can we have a chat?

Of course. Contact me directly HERE (Jonathan Milanes).

What is a brand? Do I need it as a startup?

A brand is fundamentally a promise, a consistent experience, and a representation of your business’s character if exemplified as a person.

And yes, it is a must for your business.

What is a Go-To-Market strategy? Do I need it as a startup?

A Go-To-Market strategy simply dictates (as part of an action plan) how a product or service will sell to its audience once it is launched (or in the market). Part of this will dictate the product/service: Price, Product Details, Place, and Promotion.

Without a GTM strategy, your company is essentially guess-working its way into growing – which in turn, is also a strategy, just not one we’d advise to do. So yes, you’ll need it.

Is Proverve just a glorified advertising agency?

For full transparency, 80% of our service will fall under the Paid Advertising element – what makes us unique in our offering is that we can offer elements that are more intricate and even technical to help shape and improve what you are selling. Think product-led growth, combined with growth marketing and a dash of consultancy.

In many ways, Proverve can be seen as a consultation service, but the only difference is that we internally act upon our offer (rather than just providing a hypothesis). Growth. It’s what we do.

What is product analytics?

Product analytics helps you track, measure, and analyse how users interact with your product (usually an App). The goal of it is to gather insights that can help improve your product.

What is conversion rate optimisation?

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is the practice of enhancing the user experience on a website (or App) to increase the percentage of visitors who complete a specific action.

It can involve elements of A/B testing refining User Experience (UX), conducting usability testing, analyzing customer journeys, and improving copywriting, all with the aim to optimise conversion for you Web/App.

What is product marketing?

Product marketing is very much tied to what a GTM strategy will look like – it involves understanding your product’s target audience, communicating the product’s unique value proposition, and launching the product effectively in the market. 

Can we have a physical meeting before working together?

We are based in London, UK. Assuming that you can travel here and that we’ve already decided there is potential to partner up – we’d gladly meet up with you on an informal basis if capacity allows.

Do you have a termination or refund policy in place if I’m unhappy with the service?

Of course – if you are not happy with our service within 7 working days, we shall give you 100% of the month’s payment refunded back to you. No questions asked.

If it is beyond 7 working days, we can’t provide a full refund.

You can terminate our partnership at any point and we are flexible on how you want this to happen.

I’d like to bootstrap my startup, do you provide mentoring or consultation services?

Yes we do – we are launching both a mentorship program and an education platform (Proverve Academy) in the coming months.

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What is growth hacking? Isn’t it the same as growth marketing?

Growth hacking and growth marketing are similar in that both focus on the growth of a company or product, but they have some differences in approach and methodology.

Growth hacking is a process of rapid experimentation across various marketing channels and product development paths to identify the most effective ways to grow a business.

The term was coined by Sean Ellis in 2010, and it’s particularly associated with startups that need significant growth in a short time on tight budgets. Growth hackers often employ unconventional strategies, like viral marketing or targeted social media campaigns, to achieve their growth objectives. Their focus is typically on scalable and repeatable methods for growth.

Growth marketing, on the other hand, is a broader, more holistic approach. It extends beyond the acquisition stage of the customer journey and includes retention and revenue expansion within the existing customer base. Growth marketers use data-driven experiments and customer insights to optimize every stage of the customer lifecycle, from awareness and acquisition to activation, retention, and referral. It also involves traditional marketing strategies and channels.

So, while both growth hacking and growth marketing aim for growth, they approach it from slightly different angles. Growth hacking focuses more on rapid experimentation to drive user acquisition, while growth marketing takes a more comprehensive approach, leveraging data and customer insights to optimise all stages of the customer journey.

What are the negatives (cons) of using a solution like Proverve to scale our startup?

While we’d like to think that using a service like Proverve doesn’t have any negatives, here are some potential ones you might need to be aware of:

1. We charge at a premium price point for the service we provide

2. We specialise in digital growth marketing – we won’t deploy other responsibilities outside of our Scope of Work agreement

3. Our Brand DNA is strict and must be aware of, if you do partner with us (learn more HERE)

4. We are a very lean and speedy agency – any blockers will be streamlined/automated/deleted where possible

5. Since we are a small team – we can only work with a very small number of clients at certain cohorts of the year

6. We are highly selective in the brands that we work with. We don’t accept any client submissions and work with them.

7. We expect our clients to have a growth mindset

Is it better to hire a full-time growth marketing team or use Proverve instead?

Yes and no.

Working with an internal growth team is ideal, especially long-term. You’d want the concept of this department taken care of from the inside, out. But if you do not have the resource to train, upskill, hire and manage these hires, it won’t work.

Whereas with an agency, the solution is catered towards a plug-and-play approach (with your growth team already experts and ready to go!).

You need us for a specific purpose, a specific time and can use us for a specific part of your overall business strategy (user testing, product positioning, fast growth scaling, market research, competitor analysis, advertising a minimum-viable product, figuring out a GTM or marketing strategy, building foundations of paid advertising channels for scalability).

Are there any hidden fees, charges or interests-based fees I need to be wary of before we subscribe to your service?

Absolutely not.

Our prices are transparent on our website, as well as our legals.

No hidden or extra charges/fees here. You’ll know exactly what, when and how you’ll pay with clarity and peace of mind.

Who will I be working with once we start a subscription?

You will work with one main POC within our team – a digital growth marketing lead.

This will then extend to other teams (if necessary), including data, tech or operations. 

Is my startup a right fit for Proverve?

We can’t predict that answer. But we can qualify if it can be.

Click HERE to find out (leads to an onboarding form).

Do you offer performance-based pricing?

Yes we do.

However, this is not a full performance-based approach i.e. you’ll still pay a marked-down base monthly cost of £7,500 (25% off compared to our standard monthly subscription).

We have a subscription based on a monthly price alongside a performance-based model. We can negotiate a specific Cost-per-acquisition model with you during our discovery call. 

How do you measure if a growth campaign is successful?

We would use a combination of understanding your historical data and market research to ideate a media plan that portrays the results we may possibly achieve upon campaign launch.

Once tracking is all set up and in place – we would use a combination of your internal database and various analytic platforms to analyse results, including Website and App (MMP) analytics tools.

We would then consolidate this data and push this onto a visual dashboard (Google Looker Studio) for reporting purposes which you can use to present to your company and help us measure if these activations are a success or not (and why).

How does your agency handle campaign strategy and planning? How long will it take to launch an advertising campaign?

Once our onboarding call is finished – we aim to deliver a campaign activation strategy within 2-3 working days (we like to be lean).

All the information you provide during this stage and a combination of our market research will go into this.

From planning to activation, on a conservative basis, we can launch within a week of partnership (assuming everything is agreed on and we have creatives ready to upload and tracking in place.

How does your billing work?

Very simple.

We are a subscription-based solution – so you pay monthly via direct debit using our secure payment partner Stripe.

You will get billed every month on the desired start date of our partnership.

Do you have a minimum contract length or minimum budget requirements before working with a client?

We don’t have or force any long-term commitments working with us, hence why we are on a subscription-based model. You can cancel us as quickly and easily as Netflix.

The minimum budget requirement is at least £10,000/pcm (excluding advertising budget).

How long does it take to get a paid advertising campaign up and running?

Assuming we have all these in place:

– Set up channel accounts

– Set up tracking

– Set up creatives (delivered by you)

– Set up billing (under your company’s accounts)

We can launch within the same day, or if we’re feeling frisky, that same evening.

How do you stay up-to-date with current (& future) advertising trends and technologies?

As we love all things in the realm of digital growth marketing – we have to be in tune with current and future trends in our sector.

We do this by engaging with podcasts, books, articles, certifications, webinar, expos/events, and communicating with our network (& even competitors) that specialise in the field of digital marketing.

How do you handle feedback and campaign revisions?

We will always send you ad previews before activating campaigns. If there are any changes needed, you’ll communicate this to us via Slack and we’d make the change instantly.

How transparent are you with your client in terms of campaign performance? And how can we build more of a trusting partnership?

Transparency is key.

We’ll provide you access to all our channels and data dashboards – so we really can’t hide anything from you. You’ll have full visibility of campaign performance, spending and other KPIs.

In terms of a more trusting relationship – this is better achieved through actions and time. We’ll dance in this process together.

What is your process for understanding our business, competitors, brand, product, service, GTM strategy, and, most of all, our audience?

Somewhere in between your onboarding form and onboarding call – our team will start to connect and mindmap reference points you’ve given us.

While we don’t have a visual representation of what this is – our basic framework is this: What does your business do? What is the product’s USP? Who is it for? What is our SWOT analysis telling us? And how do we Go-to-Market?

We then collate all these insights into how we manage our partnership, communication, and action our growth strategies.

How often will we receive reports or updates on our campaigns?

You will have access to our Data Dashboards so we won’t be needing to send daily/weekly updates (unless absolutely necessary).

We do, however, provide incremental updates where possible.

During the end of the month or within the 30-day window we work together – you will get a collated report on all of our campaign results and a possibility to engage with us in a call if needed.

How do you handle a campaign that isn't meeting its goals?

As much as we’d want to trust that we can get positive results, fairly quickly, there are a lot of variables outside of our hands.

If a specific campaign or channel isn’t quite working for us – we’d first understand why and make a decision if it’s worth carrying on a test or giving it time to pass its learning phase.

In our experience, if a campaign isn’t performing, we’d focus more on the optimisation aspect of it VS a passive approach of switching the campaign off.

Patience is a virtue. Until it isn’t. We’ll let the data dictate our approach.

Will we have to provide the creative content produced for our campaigns?


We can guide you or your design team on all the specifications we’d need to launch on a list of digital channels.

We would ideally have these assets within a week of first working together – or this can delay our launch.

How do you ensure that our brand message remains consistent across different platforms and campaigns?

During our onboarding form and call – we’d expect you to communicate this to us prior to working together. We’d then deploy this across the campaigns we deploy (prior to launching a campaign) and will show you ad previews of what the public will see.

What kind of return on investment can we expect?

There is no predicting this aspect. We will figure this out once we get data across the variety of channels we work on. It is much of a risk for you and for us if there is no ROI. You lose, we lose.

Do you offer digital advertising services, traditional advertising services, or both?

We exclusively offer digital advertising services: Paid Social, Paid Search, Programmatic Display and Audio Ads.

We don’t provide traditional PR, Newspaper, Billboard, or Leaflet ad services.

Can you assist with social media strategy and management?

This is not a service we provide, but can gladly recommend an agency that can solve this for you.

How flexible are your advertising plans if we need to make changes?

As flexible as needed.

Will you have the ability to collaborate with our internal marketing team? Or our internal teams in general?

Yes. We’d integrate your company’s team (Product, Data, Tech, Engineer, IT, Marketing, Growth, and Stakeholders) within our Slack channel and we can use that as a basis for our partnership and comms moving forward.

Can you handle large-scale, multi-channel campaigns?

Yes. We’ve worked with startups with smaller budgets and campaigns,  all the way to companies at the top of their sector with large campaigns and budgets, upwards of £1.3m/pcm.

Do you incorporate content marketing strategies into your advertising plans?

No. This is not a part of our service. But we can gladly provide agencies that can solve this problem for you.

We are an agency looking for white label services. Do you offer this?

Yes. We do provide paid advertising white-label services if you need this on a contract or freelance basis.

Contact me HERE to discuss the next steps.