You Ask. We Answer.

We’ve created a comprehensive FAQ section for your all your needs (& doubts) below.

What is Proverve?

A futurist hub for startups and marketers seeking growth and advancement in the digital age. We simplify the dynamic world of growth marketing, offering strategic solutions for startups to scale user acquisition and provide expert-led knowledge for upskilling marketers. Future-proof your journey in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

What specific skills can I learn through Proverve Academy's courses?

Proverve’s Academy will provide marketers like you resources and tools to help you upskill in the new digital landscape, including courses on the topics of:

– Digital Leadership
– Artificial Intelligence for Marketers
– Digital Marketing 
– Growth Marketing
– Conversion Optimisation
– Digital Sales and Inbound Marketing
– Systemising Teams and Project-management
– Web 3.0 for Marketers
– Product Marketing and Management
– Design Thinking and Collaboration
– Data and Business Analytics
– SEO (On-page, Off-page and Technical)
– Social Media and Content Marketing
– Performance Marketing
– User Psychology
– Branding
– Affiliate and Influencer Marketing
– Mobile App Marketing and App Store Optimisation
– Lifecycle Marketing (Email, Push and SMS)
– Market Research (Usre, Product and Competitor Analysis)
– Consulting and Freelancing 

When is Proverve Academy launching?

The Academy will initially launch with a few online courses in Q3 of 2024. You can join the waiting list by joining the waitlist HERE.

How does Proverve's approach to growth marketing differ from other educational platforms?

Our unique value proposition is that our knowledge is led by experts and current practitioners who are marketing in the field. Our course modules and reference points are up-to-date and are applied by our instructors themselves.

I'm not yet a marketer but I want to be, can Proverve help?

Absolutely! Proverve and our Academy is specifically designed to help individuals transition or upskill in the field of marketing. we teach fundamental knowledge for beginners, all the way to advanced concepts for senior marketers.

Can Proverve help me transition into a full-stack growth marketing role from a different marketing background?

Yes. There’s no better time to be a Full-stack Growth Marketer today, in fact, it is becoming a demand and pre-requisite by the workforce. We’ll help and support you to become the best marketer you can be by providing: a holistic and comprehensive knowledge in the field of marketing, a growth-minded community and expert-led resources to evolve you to being the best growth marketer you can be.

What kind of mentorship or coaching does Proverve offer to individual marketers?

We provide 1-1 coaching for marketers looking to further upskill their knowledge and growth marketing strategies, achieved through an hourly consultative manner. Each session will be highly personalised to your needs because every marketer’s goals are different – expert-led by top marketing practitioners who can guide you in the right direction.

Are there any networking or community engagement opportunities available through Proverve?

Yes. We’re currently building a community of growth-minded and futurist marketers and startups at The Growth Club

How up-to-date are the marketing courses and resources provided by Proverve?

Our resources need to be futuristic in application. Hence, our courses and resources are up-to-date as much as possible. Our course modules aren’t rehashed university or bootcamp modules with pretty wrappers. We provide knowledge that we are seeing change as they happen. We call Proverve a futurist platform for a reason 🤓

How does Proverve integrate futurism and anticipation of market trends into its training and resources?

Great question. Our instructors and community are not your typical academy educators, they are actual practitioners who are experts in their field, applying the topics that they teach about in today’s world.

We carefully select instructors that talk the talk, but also, walk the walk (they do what they teach). We also vet our guests and instructors to see how qualified and future-proof their experience and knowledge are before colalborating. We’re here to better adapt you to the future.

What is the cost structure for Proverve's courses and coaching services?

Our coaching services are session-based, and paid hourly. While our Academy is subscription-based (pricing depends on the tier you choose).