Growth Log #1: The Beginning of Growth is Self-compassion – 10/11/2023


Theme of the Week: Self-compassion is the first step to Growth


How many of us have wondered ‘what if’? What if the business I’m starting fails?  What if now is not the right time to take risks, especially with the current economic/global situation? What if now is just not the right time to do X and Y?

I hear these types of thoughts personally, and more so indirectly, from my network & peers. It’s funny, sometimes it’s easier to believe in others than to believe in ourselves.

I’ve discovered ways to alleviate this conundrum. First, is to have self-compassion. Self-compassion is to be understanding with ourselves when we suffer, fail, or feel inadequate, rather than ignoring our pain or flagellating ourselves with self-criticism.

Blockers to this is that our mind state is not in the awareness frequency (for an array of reasons that words can’t fully justify). Assuming you are aware, please, just have some self-compassion, it will do you wonders, as it did for me.

Quick story: I was travelling to meet a friend in Central London and my headphones died on me (so there was no music to block the noise), it was just me, a couple of strangers and the passing by of the city.

Throughout this ordeal, I noticed loud and clear the thoughts crossing my mind, they were all in the realms of: work harder, try harder, be faster, do better. And I realised that my inner self-talk was…not right.

The amount of pressure I put on myself at a subconscious level made it hard to sustain my current output (I was heading towards burnout without me knowing).

That’s when self-compassion came in.

Self-compassion makes us see the REAL us, for what we really are. And through this unmasking, we open ourselves to seeing the things we have going for us, what to be grateful for, what to practically work on within the environment or situation we’re in.


What I’ve been thinking about (Future Forecasting): AI can be our greatest asset…and test


I’ve been researching ways of automating my sales process, from prospecting to outreach and booking calls, and I might’ve found a software (still in beta currently), that might help. The SaaS in questions uses AI (glorified web scraping API more or less) that can save me HOURS of time (our most valuable asset).

What struck me most, was how AI will disrupt the economy, beyond replacing Sales people (or at least some of their responsibilities). What will happen if you’re skillset is in the area of admin? Is AI another of nature’s ‘test’ to see who will adapt? Better yet, who is willing to adapt?

I’d like to side on the positives of AI. I believe we get to manifest the reality we want. AI can saves us a lot of time (our greatest asset), and if you had that time, what would you do with it?


Life & Business Update:


Business Gross Income: £0

Clients: 1

Notes: Proverve’s just secured it’s first official direct client (through a cold outreach), albeit, they are on my 1-month free trial. I’m confident that I can secure them as ongoing paying client by December (subscribe to see what happens!)


Growth Mindset Perspective of the Week:


Spend more time learning what you need to do vs pondering what you need to do. As you gather information and different reference points, the way will be shown.

Growth Marketing Perspective of the Week:


Did you know you could A/B test different creatives for your App? Watch my recent video on the topic HERE