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Hey curious one, Jonathan here. I’m the founder of Proverve.

What is it?

(Pro)verve is a combination of two words. Professional (a person engaged or qualified) and Verve (to do with spirit and enthusiasm), but we are more than that.

Proverve is a futurist hub for startups and marketers seeking growth and advancement in the digital age. We simplify the dynamic world of growth marketing, offering strategic solutions for startups to scale user acquisition and provide expert-led knowledge for upskilling marketers. Future-proof your journey in the rapidly evolving digital landscape with us.

Welcome to Proverve.

Our History (so far):

2021: initially launched as a Performance Marketing consultation service for startups and agencies

2023: evolving into a hub for startups and marketers to develop their growth ambitions, both in business and their careers respectively. We focus on providing the most up-to-date and expert-led resources to help upskill our community of startup teams and marketers.

We serve two very distinct clients.

Startup founders (or teams) and Marketers.

Startups: We help newly funded startups scale their User Acquisition goals by offering a strategic, holistic and consultative Growth Marketing consultancy.

Marketers: We help educate the next generation of marketers by providing expert-led knowledge, to upskill them to better adapt to the evolving nature of marketing and the digital landscape.

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What’s Our Unique Value Proposition? Glad You Asked.

Proverve aims to stand at the intersection of innovation and practicality of our services. We are a growth-oriented platform that architects transformative strategies, blending the latest in digital marketing, AI, and startup growth techniques.

Our focus is not just on imparting knowledge but on fostering a growth mindset, equipping our clients and marketing students with the skills and insights necessary to excel in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

At Proverve, transformation is our core ethos. We empower startups to scale effectively and marketers to become futurists in their field, ensuring they are not just participants but leaders in the digital age.

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Need Social Proof?

Oliver Williams

Oliver Williams

Head of Digital Performance (Total Media)

Ability to manage performance across Search/Social, lead innovative tests, understand team dynamics, solve & prioritise client problems, makes Jonathan a valuable asset to any team or business.

Mark O'Brien

Mark O'Brien

Senior Digital Strategist (Company of Huskies)

Instrumental in propelling our team’s digital capabilities forward through strategic thinking, effective communication, and project management skills, making Jonathan an invaluable addition to any team.

Ahmed Zaman

Ahmed Zaman

Head of Digital Operations (MediaMinds)

Efficiency coupled with excellence – Jonathan’s talent for managing multiple large projects simultaneously, cheerful demeanor, and surprisingly swift turnaround times all characterise them as a valuable asset.

We’ve Consulted For…

Our Values and Culture

Embedded within everything we say and do

We Apply the Growth Mindset

Growth as a person (and in business) is always possible through continuous improvement, application of constructive feedback, perseverance, learning and having an open mind to possibility.

We Project Leadership (Ownership)

Growth and progress can’t come by being passive in any regard. We believe that taking ownership, inspiring & guiding the people for a great cause – will in effect, manifest what our common end goal is. We are all leaders. As a person, as part of a team, for our clients and more importantly, for the world around us.

We are Problem Solvers

We’re keen on breaking problems (we call them opportunities) into their core elements, so we can strategise a better solution to improving it.

We Rapidly Systemise

We dance with life’s complexities and complications through the power of systems. Everything we take action on, has a fundamental process that eases and speeds up its realisation. We’re way beyond standard operating procedures. We’re about lean systems.

We are Futurists

We’re interested in the future and its many changes, more importantly, we’re focused on how we can better adapt to it and capitalise on its many opportunities.

We Communicate with Radical Transparency

At our core, we embrace direct and transparent communication. We deliver information with purpose, without sugarcoating, and always strive for honesty and clarity.

Our Brand Truths


Evolve startups and marketers towards their fullest potential


Upskill startups and marketers through consulting & education


A world where the theme of growth can evolve us beyond imagination