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💡 Founder of Proverve | Digital & Growth Marketing Consultant

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My story? Well…

​Hey friend, over the last decade I’ve gone through different chapters of my becoming, including:

🎸 Pursuing being a musician, artist, songwriter and music producer
🎛️ Venturing into entrepreneurship and starting an artist development platform (Soundprise)
📊 Upskilling in the world of digital marketing (focused on growth) and starting my own Performance Marketing agency (Proverve)

The themes that tie all of these together are creativity and growth (both personal and in business). And in many ways, I’m just a man searching for meaning – like a student, still discovering their potential.

And I’m confident you are too.

Fast forward to today, my life ecosystem gives me the opportunity to:

– Work with unique and forward-thinking startups as a digital & growth marketing consultant
– Create music and content on the topics of digital marketing, personal & business growth and spirituality
– Explore creating a SaaS that might revolutionise the way we approach growth (I can’t give it all away now 😉)

3 words to describe me? Creative, Growth-mindset, Entrepreneurial

Sounds like we can jam?

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