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Performance Marketing Consultancy

Proverve is an on-demand freelance growth and performance marketing consultancy, providing personalised solutions for SMEs and Media Agencies. We specialise in strategising effective implementation of digital growth through our deep expertise and by deploying frameworks used by global leading companies.

Jonathan Milanes

Jonathan Milanes

Founder | Lead Growth and Performance Marketer

Every company needs to utilise digital marketing to grow their business further (or scale their current efforts), the problem is finding an easy-to-implement solution that can unify the theme of growth in an agile way. Hence the formation of Proverve.

Fundamentally, Proverve is a culmination of my deep expertise and knowledge in digital marketing (specialising in Growth and Performance), integrated as an on-demand and highly personalised solution for SMEs and Media Agencies.

I’ve supported a wide range of early-stage startups, household brands (BMW, Audible, Meta) and agencies, providing personalised solutions that are exactly what they need, from strategising omnichannel marketing campaigns to scaling growth through performance marketing and implementing systems for growth (revenue, customer acquisition, business efficiency).

If you require an on-demand and agile growth or performance marketing consultant, I highly encourage you to request a consultation and I can clarify the most relevant solution + next steps for you and your business.



Growth and Performance Marketing

App Marketing & App Store Optimisation

Whitelabel Support for Media Agencies

Product Marketing/GTM Strategies

Oliver Williams

Oliver Williams

Head of Digital Performance (Total Media)

Ability to manage performance across Search/Social, lead innovative tests, understand team dynamics, solve & prioritise client problems, makes Jonathan a valuable asset to any team or business.

Mark O'Brien

Mark O'Brien

Senior Digital Strategist (Company of Huskies)

Instrumental in propelling our team’s digital capabilities forward through strategic thinking, effective communication, and project management skills, making Jonathan an invaluable addition to any team.

Ahmed Zaman

Ahmed Zaman

Head of Digital Operations (MediaMinds)

Efficiency coupled with excellence – Jonathan’s talent for managing multiple large projects simultaneously, cheerful demeanor, and surprisingly swift turnaround times all characterise them as a valuable asset.

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